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Posted by Tomasz Wiszniewski on 21 December 2016 01:38 PM

CitizenCard welcomes today’s (WEDNESDAY 21 DECEMBER 2016) launch of the campaign by Her Majesty’s Passport Office to encourage young people to leave their passport at home and to use a PASS card instead.

Andrew Chevis, Chief Executive of CitizenCard and a Board Director of PASSCO which accredits PASS card issuers, said:

“Half of all lost passports are lost in bars, clubs and pubs so we welcome the Government’s clear support for PASS cards as an affordable, easy to replace form of ID/proof of age. PASS cards are available free of charge in some parts of the UK (Scotland and a few English local authorities) and across the UK cards are available to anyone at a cost of £15 or less. Much cheaper and easier to replace than a passport.

We welcome the endorsement by the Security Industry Authority of this campaign and would urge all SIA-accredited doorstaff and security companies to spread the word.”

PASS cards are issued by a small number of accredited issuers including the largest UK-wide issuer CitizenCard. Each card displays the PASS hologram endorsed by the Home Office, police, security industry and retailers & licensees as a valid form of ID and proof of age. Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said today:

“Young people face a higher risk of losing their passport as they often use it as a form of age verification.

A passport is a highly valuable document. If it gets lost or stolen, not only does it cost the holder money to replace it, but it can fall into the hands of criminals unless it is handed in and cancelled.

We are working with a number of stakeholders including retailers, licensed premises, police, local authorities and students, to communicate that there are better ways to prove your age, such as the PASS card.”

CitizenCard is promoting the campaign by offering PASS card applicants a CitizenCard for just £9 using a £6 discount code PASSNOTPASSPORT at

CitizenCard is also making available A4 and A3 copies of these posters for retailers and licensees which can be ordered by emailing

Notes for Editors:

1. CitizenCard is a non-profit organisation owned by Camelot, Co-operative, Experian, Ladbrokes, National Federation of Retail Newsagents and Tobacco Manufacturers Association.  It has issued more than 2.4 million cards since inception in 1999, more than half of which are issued free of charge via schools, colleges, universities and charities.
2. PASSCO Limited is a community interest company supported financially by PASS card issuers (UK issuers CitizenCard, OneID4U and Validate UK; Scottish issuer Young Scot; English councils Bracknell Forest, Essex, Milton Keynes, Sandwell and Southwark) and by retail trade associations (Association of British Bookmakers, Association of Convenience Stores, Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, British Beer & Pub Association, British Institute of Innkeeping and Wine & Spirits Trade Association).

For more information please contact:

Andrew Chevis, CitizenCard CEO

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7% off with Love2shop on the high street
Posted by Tomasz Wiszniewski on 13 June 2016 02:09 PM

CitizenCard has launched a partnership with Love2shop. Anyone over 18 who applies online in addition to their CitizenCard gets a Love2shop Partner Card for FREE.

The Love2shop Partner Card is a prepaid card that saves you 7% off all purchases at high street shops such as Argos, Boots, Currys, Debenhams, HMV, Iceland, Marks and Spencers, Mothercare, New Look, PC World, River Island, Superdrug and many more.

CitizenCard Love2shop Partner Card

Every time a person loads money onto CitizenCard Love2shop card they get 7% off. That means that if you load £10 you get £10.70 to spend and if you load £100 you get £107 to spend - perfect for when you want to make a big or small purchase. The only extra cost is a one off £1.50 fee the first time you load money onto your card. The card balance can be checked on the move using a Love2Shop app available on Google Play Store® and Apple App Store®.

Existing holders of a CitizenCard can get a Love2shop Partner Card with their new 18+ CitizenCard for just £8 (normal cost £12) using LOVE2SHOP discount code at

First time over 18 applicants can apply at and pay £11 (normal cost £15) using code LOVE2SHOP.

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New design for under 18 cards
Posted by Tomasz Wiszniewski on 29 July 2015 01:32 PM

CitizenCard has launched a new card design for our under 18 cards. It looks a lot like the 18+ card, but is yellow instead of blue. The new design is for two age bands: 16-17 and Under 16. All cards will now feature the date when the 16-17 cardholders turn 18 and the under 16 cardholders turn 16.

The new cards feature the PASS hologram and display the Trading Standards logo on the front. They also have a UV (ultraviolet) marking in the form of the PASS logo which runs right across the cards. The UV marks can be seen with a UV light.


The new cards are available for £10 using code NEWCARD at and existing holders of a CitizenCard can get the new card for just £5 using code NEWU18 at


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