How much does a CitizenCard cost?
Posted by CitizenCard on 26 August 2021 07:20 PM

A Standard application costs £15 (takes up to 21 days to process).

An Urgent application costs £30 (takes 1-2 working days).

You can apply and pay for your UK ID card online.

Same Day ID Service (an instant application processed at the time of appointment) costs £45. More information about instant applications can be found at

Replacement card costs £12 for standard process (takes up to 21 days) or £25 for urgent process (takes 1-2 working days).

Replace you CitizenCard photo ID if:

  • you lost your CitizenCard
  • your CitizenCard is damaged
  • you wish to obtain a higher age band UK photo ID, because you turned 16 or 18
  • your appearance has changed
  • your CitizenCard has expired (CitizenCards issued before 7th January 2021 do not expire; all CitizenCards printed from 7th January 2021 onwards expire 3 years after issuing)
  • your name has legally changed (a Marriage Certificate, Court Order or Change of Name Deed will be required)
  • you would like to get a Yoti CitizenCard

You can replace or renew your CitizenCard online at

We also offer Same Day Replacement ID Service (an instant CitizenCard replacement) that costs £35.





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