Are my personal details kept private once I give them to you?
Posted by CitizenCard on 16 November 2022 12:43 PM

All your personal details are kept on our secure database.

We comply with the privacy and data protection laws of the United Kingdom Government, which are among the world's toughest.

We keep your details on our database so that if someone queries your ID card we can confirm that you are a legitimate cardholder. If your card is lost or stolen, we can also reference these details to produce a replacement card quickly.

We provide Experian, an information company, with access to CitizenCard data for the purpose of age validation, identity authentication and fraud prevention. If a Financial Services Provider or other organisation wishes to ascertain the identity or age of one of its users, Experian can corroborate the information supplied against details held on the CitizenCard database provided the cardholder has consented to this.

We provide Yoti, a digital identity company, and 1Account, an online age verification company, with the ability to confirm electronically the validity of your CitizenCard provided that you have given Yoti or 1Account your consent to do this check.

When using the Electronic ID Validation process, you have to agree to your data (photo ID document, liveness check and selfies) being assessed by Yoti Doc Scan for the purpose of identity verification. Yoti Doc Scan can submit the ID documents and selfies of suspected fraudsters to law enforcement bodies to help authorities in detection and prevention of fraud.

We provide retailers and other organisations with the ability to confirm that you are a legitimate cardholder on provided that you have given them your consent either by sharing your card details with them or by letting them scan the QR code on your card reverse.

If you are a CitizenCard cardholder you can request that your data is removed from our database by emailing your name and card number to [email protected]. Alternatively please Contact Us using our Support Centre and select "Contact" department.





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