When does my card expire?
Posted by CitizenCard on 01 January 2024 12:33 AM

All CitizenCards issued before 7th January 2021 do not expire, however we advise cardholders to renew their membership and replace their ID cards when they are eligible for a higher age band card (because they turned 16 or 18) or their appearance has changed.

All CitizenCards printed from 7th January 2021 onwards expire 3 years after issuing (rounded up to the end of the month card was printed on).

If you apply online the age band for your UK ID card is automatically calculated based on your date of birth. If you require a higher age band CitizenCard this can be selected in the "Age Band" section of online application page. You must select the desired age band from the drop down menu. If you apply using one of our paper or printed forms and require an 18+ photo ID but you are still 17 years old when you apply you must attach a letter to your application requesting what age band you would like i.e. 18+ or 16-17. For all applications - a 16-17 or 18+ ID card cannot be posted until one day before your birthday; this is subject to your application being verified.

You can also replace your existing CitizenCard if your name has legally changed since your previous Citizencard was issued (a Marriage Certificate, Court Order or Change of Name Deed will be required).

If your CitizenCard was issued before October 2009 you should make a new online application for a CitizenCard.

A Standard CitizenCard Replacement application costs £14 (card issued within 21 days).

An Urgent CitizenCard Replacement application costs £29 (card issued within 1-2 working days).

To apply for Replacement ID card please go to www.citizencard.com/card-replacement.








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