What exactly do I need to send with my paper application form?
Posted by CitizenCard on 16 February 2023 10:52 AM

To avoid any unnecessary delays in producing your ID card please ensure you have completed the paper or printed application form in its entirety, and read and understood each section of the form carefully.

Please enclose:

1. Two colour passport style photos (35 x 45mm), one of which must be signed by an eligible referee.

2. If using a referee validating original document(s) (also called Route 1), a photocopy of your birth certificate, NHS medical card, European Health Insurance Card, Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS), passport, photo driving licence (UK or European), EU National ID Card, Biometric Home Office photo ID, UK Naturalisation Certificate or PASS card - one of these must be signed by an eligible referee. Please check the full list of accepted referees.

If your name has been changed please also send with your application any change of name documents, marriage and/or divorce certificates. This should be a photocopy of the relevant document and it needs to be countersigned by your referee.

Please DO NOT send original documents.

3. Your payment

Urgent application - please send debit/credit card details or a postal order.

Standard application - please send debit/credit card details, a postal order or a cheque.








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