If you have a disability
Posted by CitizenCard on 14 August 2019 11:05 AM

If you are applying for a CitizenCard photo ID and you have a disability we can help. If your disability prohibits you from completing the online application form a carer or guardian can complete the application form on your behalf. 

If you are the carer or guardian of a person with a disability you can fill in the paper or printed application form on the applicant’s behalf and sign the 'Applicant Declaration'. You must send to us the completed application together with the countersigned photos (and if applicable countersigned copy of an official document confirming applicant's identity) together with a cover note explaining that the applicant is disabled and unable to complete the application themselves. You must also include a copy of one of the following as evidence of the applicant’s disability:

  • Yellow ‘Registered Disabled’ Card issued by Local Authority
  • Letter confirming receipt of: Disability Living Allowance / Attendance Allowance / Blind Person’s Allowance
  • ‘Blue Badge’ (eligibility to park in disabled bays) issued by Local Authority








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