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It's not personal, it's the law!
Posted by CitizenCard on 19 November 2013 11:04 AM

The No ID, No Sale! Campaign, run by CitizenCard, celebrates its 10th anniversary by launching today (Tuesday 19 November)  a new pack and a new website

The pack contains a Statutory Tobacco Notice, window vinyl, poster, a Manager’s Guide, refusals register, CitizenCard application forms and dispenser, and a new message aimed at young adults likely to be asked for ID – ‘it’s not personal, it’s the law’.

No ID, No Sale! campaign co-ordinator Andrew Chevis explains:

“Shop staff have an essential job preventing attempts by under-18s to buy alcohol, tobacco and other age-restricted goods.  The new message is displayed on the materials so that the customer understands that they are not being targeted when asked for ID.”

James Lowman, ACS Chief Executivewelcomed the new message:

“ACS members take their due diligence on underage sales very seriously, and this new pack provides useful tools to help staff on the front line comply with the law.  Customers understand that ID checks are not personal whereas the penalties for illegal sales are very personal.”

Paul Baxter, NFRN Chief Executive, speaking at NFRN’s National Council in London, added:

“The new pack is a vital tool in helping newsagents to demonstrate their responsibility in preventing underage sales.  Sadly some of our members have been subject to abuse or worse when asking for ID, whereas those selling tobacco illegally face no such threats.”

Packs are available free of charge to ACS, NFRN, SGF members and other independent retailers from the campaign website and items such as the Manager’s Guide and Refusals Register can be downloaded from the site.

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