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Posted by CitizenCard on 31 March 2022 09:57 AM

Same Day ID Service appointments are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions.

You can get a CitizenCard from our office in London the same day you apply.

To apply for the Same Day ID Service you will need to:

  • email [email protected] to arrange an appointment. (Monday- Friday 10:00 - 15:00) and pay for your application
  • print the application form attached
  • your referee must complete the application form, sign the back of your photograph and if relevant sign a copy of an official document confirming your identity e.g. a birth certificate
  • you must complete the application form and consent to the Terms & Conditions
  • you should bring your completed application form, 2 photographs (one signed by referee) and if relevant signed documents
  • at your appointment we will contact your referee on a work landline number at that time
  • once verified we will call you to advise when you can pick up your card
  • it should take around 1 hour to process (subject to verification)
  • you will need to follow all the requirements and guidelines for a paper or printed application.

Please read the information below:

The only difference between applications made through the post and Same Day ID Service is that your application will be processed instantly and you should get your UK ID card within an hour (subject to our verification checks).

You MUST complete the application form complying with all the requirements and a referee must sign the application form, photo and if applicable a copy of an official document confirming your identity.

Your referee must be contactable on a work landline number. No mobile numbers will be accepted.

To apply for the Same Day ID Service (an instant application) you should Contact Us and select the "Contact" department or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment at our London office. In the subject line please write 'Same Day ID appointment'. Also, please state the date and time you would like your appointment for and advise your full name and contact details. Customer Services will contact you to advise the date and time of your appointment.

You must be on time for your appointment, if you do not arrive 30 minutes after the specified time your appointment will be cancelled and your application will not be processed.

We require 24 hours notice in advance to arrange an appointment. Appointments can be made Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 15:00 (excluding bank holidays). An appointment can be made on the same day subject to availability. There is no facility within the office to wait for your application to be processed, you will therefore need to drop off your completed application form and we will contact you on your mobile to advise when your UK ID card is ready to collect.

The Same Day ID Service (an instant application) costs £45 and can be paid by credit/debit card at the time of booking of your appointment e.g. over the phone if you provide contact details.

To apply for the Same Day ID Service you have to download and print the application form below and you should choose either a Route 1 application process or a Route 2 application process. Please read requirements for a Route 1 and Route 2 applications for more information.

When you attend our office with your completed application form we will contact your referee at the time of your appointment. Therefore you must ensure that your referee can be contacted at that time at their registered business address on a non-mobile work landline telephone number. A referee must not work from home, be self employed, retired or related to you (including guardian or foster carer) or be in personal relationship with you (partner, girlfriend or boyfriend). Please ensure that your referee is on our accepted lists of Route 1 referees or Route 2 referees and you will need to follow the process completely and consent to the Terms and Conditions.

If your application form is incomplete or if you or your referee have not provided the correct information or relevant documents your application will not be processed.

If we are unable to contact your referee at the time of your appointment your UK ID card can not be issued and the fee paid will still apply. We can not speak to anyone else other than the referee who has completed your application form. The payment is non-refundable and if your application can not be verified your application will be treated as an urgent application. This will take 1-2 working days to process (subject to verification) and once verified your card will be posted by Royal Mail Tracked 24 (next day delivery) to your nominated address.

If you have an original passport, photographic driving licence or a PASS card you do not need to provide a referee but your original ID must be a true likeness to your current identity. You must bring your original photographic ID along with you to your appointment. If your name has changed and does not match the name on your original photo ID you will need to bring with you your original marriage certificate or change of name deed.

If you are already a CitizenCard holder you can obtain the Same Day Replacement ID (an instant replacement) without use of referee for £35. If your card was issued before October 2009 you will need to apply again for a CitizenCard making a fresh application. If your name has changed since your previous card was issued you will need to bring with you to your appointment your original change of name deed, court order or marriage certificate.

Please note if you require a 16-17 or 18+ ID card and you have not yet reached that age band, a higher age band card will not be issued to you. You will receive a card displaying the age band that applies at the time your card is printed e.g. if you are 17 turning 18, an 18+ card will not be printed until the day of your birthday (if your birthday is at the weekend the card will not be printed with the higher age band until the next working day after your birthday).

 citizencard-web-application-form-may-2019.pdf (476.30 KB)





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